Google Play Services Keeps Stopping? (4 Solutions)

Everybody seems frustrated with these “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping” problems on the internet, so we have decided to share the solution that finally.

While there are alternative solutions available but we’ll do our best to get all the information together to make it easier for you. If you don’t like one approach it’s possible to try another one, and hopefully, that one works for you.

Let’s look at it!

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

Solution #1

If your Google Play app is not updated, the Google Play app may cause your services to cease. If you experience this happening, take these steps to update it:

  1. Launch PlayStore
  2. Top on the Menu Icon on the Top Left Corner
  3. Go to the Settings Option
  4. Under”About”, you’ll be able to see the latest version of PlayStore
  5. Click on it, and it will trigger an update if not yet the most up-to-date version.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

Solution #2

1. Restart Your Phone

First thought for users when they are unable to solve their smartphone’s problem is to restart it.

Google Play Services issue can be solved using the same technique. This method is simple, however, effective enough to resolve any issue.

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Let’s check if restarting your phone will make any an impact.

It is possible that you need to switch off and turn return to Google Play again after switching it off and back on to see if the issue persists. If the issue continues to persist it is possible that you need to go through the following method to resolve the issue. Google Play stays on.

2. Clear Your Cache

Certain Google Play applications keep stopping due to the build-up of cache.

Clearing the cache may result in unexpected outcomes, such as the app running more fluidly. It is necessary to clean the cache and also the cache to make your app function efficiently.

It’s nevertheless important to keep in mind that this process isn’t without negative consequences. While clearing your cache won’t make any change to your device, clearing the information will result in the Google Play Store account being erased.

When you clear your cache or delete your data, you will be locked out and your settings reset.

3. Uninstall Your Updates

It is not uncommon that Google Play services will update in a timely manner.

To bring the phone back to its original state, you need to remove the update. After uninstalling updates, the phone will automatically update to correct the problem. Follow the instructions below to remove updates.

4. Reset The App Preferences

There’s a good chance that you’ll have to reset your app’s preferences following any modifications on the device.

Whatever the reason, whether the change impacts the performance of the service or it doesn’t, Google Play services have fundamental system files that could impact its performance with just minor changes. So, you should try to change the settings on your smartphone.

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However, a lot of items will be reset when you change the preferences of your app. For instance, default apps as well as background information and permissions are removed.

This guideline will help you understand how to reset your app’s preferences:

  1. Choose the Application Manager in the settings menu.
  2. To do this, tap the three-dotted icon located at the top-right corner. Then select Reset preferences for the application. If you press the “OK” or “YES” buttons this will require you to reboot the application.

Reset the preferences of your application and then attempt to connect to Google Play services. A lot of users have reported that this solution worked in the majority of instances however, it’s not the solution. Other solutions can be considered in the event that the issue persists.

5. Set The Time And Date

A minor error such as an incorrect date or time could cause issues with Google Play services. If your device isn’t properly set up it is important to determine whether you have the correct date and time are correct, and if they are, what impact it could affect your Google Play services.

  • Go into System Under Settings.
  • There’s an auto time-and-date toggle right next to the Date & Time header. Press that toggle to set the date and time in a way that is automatic.
  • Press the switch to turn off the switch regardless of whether it’s been turned off before Then tap it once more to turn it back off.

Google Play services might stop abruptly due to inaccurate dates and times. In reality, the incorrect time and date could trigger various problems with performance, such as Android applications crashing.

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6. Update Your Phone

Alongside upgrading your smartphone, you should update your software, too. Sometimes this is all that is working. It also works for other issues such as app issues. Follow the steps below to make sure that your software is up-to-date.

  • To alter the settings To change the settings, on the lower right of the screen, you’ll see System or About Phone.
  • Click Update, then check for Updates.
  • If there is an update available you can download it. If the issue is still present you should install the most recent update.

Google Play services can be extremely frustrating when they fail without explanation.

It is essential to discover ways to solve this issue so that you can use your phone to the fullest.

Here are some solutions you can test in case the solutions above fail to solve the problem. Choose the most simple solution.

When you are certain that your Google Play service is back to service Try the alternatives until you’re capable of resolving the issue.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

Solution #3

If your phone suddenly shuts down (like your phone has run out of battery) you’ll encounter this problem. Google Play Services has difficulty shutting down correctly, and it becomes corrupted. To fix the issue, uninstall and then reinstall Google Play Services.

The first step is to disable all devices administrators:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Navigate to Location & Security
  3. Deselect ALL Device Admins
  4. Then, force stop Google Play Services
  5. Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > App Info
  6. Scroll down to choose “Google Play Services”
  7. Touch “Force Quit”
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After that, uninstall Google Play Services by touching “Disable”

Then, you will be asked to install Google Play Services after you have logged into the app store and been prompted to reset the device.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

Solution #4

Google Play Store will not stop If you try this method to delete the Google account.

  1. Click on settings.
  2. Click on the account.
  3. All accounts connected to the device will be displayed on the phone.
  4. You can deactivate a specific account by selecting the.
  5. Click on the Remove Account button.
  6. The phone will prompt you to delete all information associated with your account.
  7. Click on the Remove Account button.

To reinstate the account To add the account back, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the settings.
  2. Click on the accounts.
  3. Scroll down and click on Add account.
  4. Choose Google.
  5. It could request you to enter your password, pin or pattern, or fingerprint, do.
  6. After logging into your Google account, everything linked with your Google accounts will get synchronized.

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